Frequently Asked Questions

How many apps can I create with my license?

1 license = 1 project
If you would like to create several projects, you need a separate license for each one.

Do I'll get the source code?

No, you will get APK and IPA to upload them on App Store and Google Play.

Do you publish the apps for me?

No, you can upload them by yourself or pay for our upload service.

Do I need to know any coding to work with you?

No, our expert team will take care of all the work required to publish your app.

Are there any additional costs?

To submit applications to the App Store and Google Play, you’ll have to register as a developer directly through Apple ($99/year) and Google ($25/lifetime).

How many times I'll get the updates and support?

With your buying, you get six months' updates and support if you want to renew that with ($60/6 months) or ($99/1 year).

What are the supported themes?

For now, it supports our Ask Me and Discy WordPress themes. Support for more themes will be available in the future.